Virtual Events

What are virtual events?

Virtual events by Orcula provide a blend of content from your event made ready for the digital world.
Traditional face-to-face events are brilliant and we help run 100's of those every year, but sometimes face-to-face simply isn't an option for your event or you need both an face-to-face presence and a digital copy.

One digital hub

Envisage a single online space just for your event. Simple registration and communication with your delegates, at large mix of content to watch and interact with, opportunities for delegates to share their voice and get involved.

Crisp production

With the most advanced equipment and production teams available to us, we can provide the very best production values.
We’re experts at motivating people to get involved and stay connected. Creating a community that shares content long after the event.

Advanced technology

Using the very latest cloud-based technology and streaming services we’re able to provide stable and extremely reliable virtual events, scalable to 1000’s of delegates.

Our team

With over 30 years’ experience in the event industry and a vast technical team we’ve supported some of the largest events in the UK.


Our custom solutions and ability to adapt to your requirements enables us to offer unrivalled features. Incorporating multi-camera hosting, bespoke portals, interactive tools, gamification, state of the art delegate engagement tools and much more.


What are the costs involved?

All our packages start from £1,200.00 + VAT. Please contact us with your requirements for more detailed pricing.

Can we run breakout sessions?

Yes, we can use multiple feeds or locations and can adapt the virtual event site to suit any needs.

What equipment do we need?

We're able to provide all equipment if necessary. However, we do understand certain remote workers might have their own equipment or it might not be possible to add our equipment on-site, in these instances we're able to work with standard equipment (Laptop, webcam, microphone) and import your stream to us, to then include in your virtual event.

Can we have multiple speakers, in multiple locations?

Yes, we're able to support any amount of speakers or locations.

Do we keep the same agenda?

Our team will work with you to take your traditional event materials and adapt them for a digital environment.

How long should a virtual event last?

This entirely depends on your content and audience. We've ran virtual events lasting days or just a few hours.

What about availability, internet resources, speeds etc?

We use the very latest cloud based solutions and we're able to accommodate 1000's of delegates.

Is it secure?

Our virtual events can be provided by secure portals which we can limit via password access or registration access if required.

How many people can join my virtual event?

We don't have any limits, we can run virtual events for a small team of 5, right up to a large conference of 50,000+ delegates

How do we keep people engaged?

We have many tools available to help keep delegates engaged, such as voting, Q&A and gamification.

How do delegate network?

We have a series of tools such as forums, contact exchange, apps and other tools to allow virtual networking between delegates

Can we host other materials using this tool?

The virtual event space can be customised for your event, we can host videos, presentations, downloads, static content and more.

Can we use voting/polling & Q&A?

Of course, we have many tools that can be worked into your virtual event space to make your event interactive.

We planned for a Q&A session, how will this work virtually?

We have tools so that delegates can ask questions via messaging, voice or SMS. We are able to open questions to everyone, keep questions private, moderate them and more.

Can different delegates access different content/see different speakers?

Yes, we can have separate areas of the virtual event space, or even different spaces for different delegates if required.

Do we still need a host/compère?

We recommend keeping a host to make sure your event stays on track and your delegates are informed of any updated.

Do we still need a venue?

No, we can run all video feeds and content from multiple locations if required. - We are also able to run from a given venue if required.

Can we run both a physical event and a virtual event at the same time?

Yes, we can take elements of your event and distribute those digitally, or allow delegates to interact digitally as if they were present at the physical event.

Can we record the 'virtual hub'?

Yes, we're able to record all video streams and even keep content live after your event has finished.

What's next?

Alongside our packages, we’re able to offer on-site support technicians to venues, homes or offices, audio visual equipment, venue/room location finding and event management.

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